Emerging from the darkness..

What darkness? I’m not exactly sure.. all I know is that things have been incredibly difficult for the last year. A year ago I was preparing to go on a wonderful trip to Hawaii..I was very fearful that I would not be able to make the trip because of the condition of my emotions and body. I was grieving over the death of my Dad ( a delayed reaction) and still grappling with the aging of my 90-year-old mom..watching her deteriorate.

A year later I am looking at pictures of that trip on my screen saver..still missing my Dad and Mom is now 91. This was a hard year.. but there is freedom in facing things. No one is prepared for the death of their parents. Very little is written about it..as though it is a rare phenomenon. With Dad I grieved long after he was gone.. with Mom I am grieving while she is still here. The loss is huge.

Mother’s Day just happened and Father’s Day is around the corner. Each of these days can be a trigger for old emotions that are trying to come to the surface. As you work through your grief and get in touch with your emotions, remember that this is a healing process. Holidays are often the most difficult time of the year when it comes to processing grief and loss.

This year I am going to remember Dad and rejoice in the ways he was a wonderful father while forgiving him for being human. As for Mom..she is who she is and I am accepting her knowing that God is at work in her life.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”                      (Matt 5:4)




6 thoughts on “Emerging from the darkness..

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Did the LORD give you a window into my heart? I too am going through the same situation, delayed mourning for my dad, watching my mom deteriorate…. but knowing, as always, that the Lord is at work in all things.

    Much love & prayers,

  2. Hi Sarah,
    You and I have been connected for a while.. since we started our blogs. I am going to be praying for you. This is not an easy season..So glad you stopped by.
    xoxo Alicia

  3. “As you work through your grief and get in touch with your emotions, remember that this is a healing process” – Alicia, I like these words of yours so much. When my father died, my world was turned upside down (almost 15 yrs ago), and thankfully I made the choice to seek out counsel and take care of myself for the first time. So many people bury their grief and miss out on the personal growth that can happen. The people in their sphere miss out, too, on enjoying the new and improved person we become…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Yes Wendy..we are changed for the better as we process through our grief. It is an amazing opportunity for God to go deep inside our hearts and show us things that probably cannot be seen any other way. After all, He created us to grieve and His purpose is always for our good and His glory!

  5. When my dad died, I was so shocked I didn’t really cry that much at all, and certainly not at the time. Also other unfortunate things happened at the same time so I had to just get on with dealing with things; not a good time at all. It still affects me today. I’m suffering with stress at the moment and am praying to God to help me with it. It’s subsiding somewhat. It seems we are all struggling at the moment, but God is in charge and walks with us every step of the way, even into the storm.

  6. Sometimes life just hits us from all sides and all we can do is survive. I think it is very common and maybe just a coping mechanism to put grief aside until we can deal with it. I do know that it will stay underneath the surface of our emotions until we deal with it and sometimes the longer we wait the worse it is..Grieving is hard work, but worth the effort..otherwise we can’t move on to forgiveness and find the freedom that God has for us.
    I wish you the best and ask God’s blessings on this leg of your journey Tim.

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