Another season of change..

God is in the business of restoration. He delights in taking the old and making something brand new. It is never too late to change. As a senior citizen and a grandma.. I know this personally. I have to remind myself that God does not stop working on our behalf because we reach a certain age. I’ve watched God change my 91-year-old mother. I know He is busy doing things in the life of my sister.. she is in her sixties.

God is not limited by time.. He exists outside of it and will work in us throughout our lives if we cooperate with the process. In this season of my life He is teaching me to rest in Him.. to slow down and enjoy life more. I’ve always been a striver..someone who wants to be productive every single day. So..the Lord gave me a very easy-going husband..someone who enjoys life and knows how to relax. He is a very good influence 🙂

This is a season of change for me and time to lay down some of the old ways. Not because of my age.. but because God wants to bless me with a life that is not filled with constant activity. There are plenty of older people who never slow down and rush through their lives. Activity and busyness are idols in our country( and in the church) and I believe they keep us from truly taking in life the way it was intended to be. I found my significance in activity and feeling needed..God is releasing me from that and teaching me to realize that He is pleased with me.. not my accomplishments or my service. After 30 years in Christian ministry..He is releasing me into a less stressful season.

Of course that does not mean that I am doing nothing meaningful. I work as a counselor and He brings me clients. I spend time with friends, family, and have found a healthy community of people in the local church. Relationships will always be the center of my life..they make life rich and meaningful and God will always give us roles in other people’s long as we are here.

What type of season are you in? What is God teaching you and how is He leading you? Ask Him so you can cooperate with the is worth it!

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6 thoughts on “Another season of change..

  1. This is a wonderful post Alicia. I am an ambitious man, partly because I come from a background where most of my folks were poor doing menial jobs for low pay and where none had any higher education. I do have a good education and so I work hard to fulfilling my goals and dreams. Being busy all the time does rob you of the ability just to smell a rose, or wonder at a butterfly or just enjoy a moment’s rest with a hot cup of tea.

    You wrote: ‘the Lord gave me a very easy-going husband..someone who enjoys life and knows how to relax. He is a very good influence’ God brings into our lives people we can learn from, and lets us know that no matter how we are or what we do, someone else might be different but equally as valuable to Him. God does not necessarily want our ‘busyness’ or doesn’t necessarily regard the overly accomplished or highly educated any more than some less accomplished or less educated person; what I believe He does want is for us to have happiness, be at peace with Him and ourselves and others, and to have spiritual riches too.

    You wrote: ‘What type of season are you in? What is God teaching you and how is He leading you?’ I am in the process of finding that out, and asking God each day. A better life is coming for me, and all who have their hope and faith in Him. 🙂

  2. Hi Tim,
    One of the most difficult concepts to grasp for me is truly believing that God loves us the same way no matter what we accomplish or fail to accomplish in our lives. Since we often have no model for this type of unconditional love.. it can take years for His love to break through all the barriers we have to this type of acceptance. I am happy to be grasping this in a deeper way at this time in my is never too late for God to reveal things to us that will make our lives more fulfilling and help us to accept ourselves just he way we are.

  3. Alicia, your post was so affirming to me. I am trying to be less driven around home and also to submit to God ordained interruptions in my day. As a 52 yr old mom of teens I get lots of rewarding practice at this. 🙂 I wish our culture and churches were not so works oriented…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • I’m so glad it was helpful Wendy..This issue seems to be a difficult one for all of us..I agree that it would be much easier if we had a culture that valued people and not accomplishments.. I guess that goes for the church as well. We just have to remember how God sees us..He is pleased with us even especially when we rest in Him!!

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