Waiting and wondering..

How often do we have to wait in this life..all the time. Why is it difficult? Maybe it isn’t for you. My husband has almost no trouble waiting and I admire him for that. As for me, I have always struggled with being patient..almost feeling as though I was being punished when I have to wait. Maybe it is my temperament..I like closure … waiting with things open-ended is very uncomfortable.

Since I have to wait and God seems to delight in keeping me waiting :).. it is important that I keep my thoughts and feelings from spinning out of control. When I wait.. I get tired of it and before you know it, I am depressed and thinking negatively. My faith is wavering and I start to second guess everything. None of this is good for me or those around me. God is teaching me to learn from the waiting.

He is reminding me that every season has a purpose. This season that I am in right now is preparing me for the next. If I am going to receive blessings that He has in store for me.. I need to live fully while I am waiting. There is never a time when we are not being changed by Him..never a time when our lives are meaningless. Every day is important.. even when our longings seem overwhelming.

Our lives are a gift.. the hard parts and the easier parts.. the difficult days and the joyful days. He is present in all of it and while we are living fully, He is preparing things for us that we cannot imagine. He is our Heavenly Father.. He  has wonderful surprises for us. He delights in us and waits eagerly for just he right time to fulfill those desires that we keep hidden in our hearts.

Let’s wait in faith with our eyes on Him. He is good and His ways are far above ours. He will not fail and His purposes will all be accomplished in our lives..in His time not ours.

“If we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.” ( Romans 8:25)




6 thoughts on “Waiting and wondering..

  1. Love this, girl. You are so gifted from God to convey His Truths so beautifully and eloquently. You know, a friend just wrote me the other day struggling with waiting and I sent her this blog post to encourage her! You are blessing so many ppl! Lots of love from Korea 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Tasna.. what a wonderful treat to read this first thing this morning. God has blessed me so much through the people who read this blog.

  3. Alicia, I can really relate to your words of struggling during waiting. Waiting 101 has been a course He has put me through several times, and each time my class mark is getting a bit higher (It started off pretty low…)! I love your words, “Every day is important.. even when our longings seem overwhelming…”

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. I’m with you Wendy.. It seems like that waiting room experience keeps coming around. I believe that He keeps taking us back so we will rest in HIm while we are in that place..if only that came in an easier way:)

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