Life is a marathon..

I ran into an old friend today and we began to talk about what is happening in our lives. We have very different circumstances but one big thing in common. We are both waiting. She is waiting for something to be over and I am waiting for some things that have not yet happened. Our conversation was a good reminder that life on earth is a marathon.. not a sprint.

One way that God works with us so that we can continue to run the race is through seasons of waiting. During these times He is working on us to strengthen us and to build our character so that we will be able to finish well. That is one of my goals as a believer..I want to finish well. Looking around.. I see many who have dropped out..they are no longer on the path and they don’t seem able to find their way again. They are lost and He is their only answer, yet they choose their own road instead of the one He has prepared for them.

Our culture breeds impatience. Just look at technology and how it has enabled us to do things so is as though waiting is the worst thing we could ever endure. I find this ironic.. since waiting is so essential in the kingdom of God. God waits for us continually. He is the patient Father who longs for us to understand the great love He has for us. We are the impatient children who want what we want now!

So .. if you are waiting.. honestly I believe we all are waiting for something..remember that this is from God. That He is calling you to a deeper, closer walk with Him. He is asking you to trust in His goodness and to remember His faithfulness. He is working in the waiting to build your faith and to prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)


2 thoughts on “Life is a marathon..

  1. Ah waiting..waiting..waiting! We all seem to spend more time waiting than doing anything else. And as you say, the Western culture many of us in the world now live in, is not geared at all to is geared to wanting things right now and impatience! But of course, the world is one thing, and God and His Kingdom are definitely something else. Perfecting a patient spirit is something that God wants of all HIs believers, all those He calls, because when we are patient, we will see all His promises come true in our lives. Perhaps for some things a little patience is needed, but for many other things we might need to be patient all our days.

  2. Another very wise comment Tim. I love this ” when we are patient we will see all His promises comes true in our lives.” I know this is true and yet I still don’t wait the way I wish I did. God understands our impatience and must long for the day when we wait in faith, knowing His goodness in all things!

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