Glimpses of Spring

I saw some today.. little yellow daffodils. They reminded me of smiling faces..gazing up into the sun..filled with joy and hope. We need these reminders..every day. So here are some glimpses for you..Spring is coming.






8 thoughts on “Glimpses of Spring

  1. You are welcome Diana. I was thinking about how so many people are still in the midst of winter and here we are having a glimpse of Spring.. so thankful to the Lord for His goodness!

  2. Hi Alicia,
    I just noticed the little daffodils yesterday too!
    Thank you for posting your beautiful photographs, I will be so pleased to have the warmth of Spring arrive on so many levels!:)

  3. In the British Isles, especially not too far North like Scotland and far Northern Ireland, the weather never gets too hot or too cold at any time of the year, just sort of grey and wet and miserable!!! But even this can be a blessing. Sometimes even the most cloudy and grey day can form a beautiful backdrop.

  4. You’re right Tim.. somehow God speaks through His landscapes and skies..I get so much from being outside in His creation almost no matter what it is..I can see that you do too:)

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