and the trial continues..

There are times when I wish I could find the switch that ends a season. I grow weary in well-doing and wonder why God does not know that. I long for the day when a new beginning is in sight. My strength is fading and I am clinging to His promise that He works all things to the good. I am intentionally not revealing any details..because the trial would not be meaningful to anyone but me. That is the most challenging part for me.. realizing that this is my season, my trial and my time to continue to trust God without any answers.

God has me in this place for a reason. He is teaching me that He is enough.. that I can walk alone with Him.. that as I grow weaker, He is stronger and able to carry me when I need it. He is helping me depend upon Him daily.. to take each day as it comes, leaving the future in His hands. This trial is forcing me past any sense that I can make it without Him..I am reminded of past times when I thought I would perish and He rescued me..

We all have these times in our lives..we are facing things that no one can fix. We are caught in a situation that we would never choose for ourselves. Our faith is tested and our hearts grow tired.

We can either run away.. and don’t think I haven’t been tempted.. or stay the course. He is with us.. He is faithful..He will not abandon us..He is sure to change us as we trust in Him. So I continue to believe that He is working all things to the good for those of us who love Him..trusting in His goodness and believing that at the right time the new season will begin.

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

6 thoughts on “and the trial continues..

  1. Another great post Alicia. God is our friend, and He walks alongside us as we wend our merry way through life! Sometimes, as you and I, and countless others no doubt have noted, life is not so merry, it’s hard, fathomless, it yields little and it feels like we are stuck smack-bang in the middle of a desert – whichever way we go to escape we suffer – if we stay and lie down we are plagued by our thoughts – if we walk on we are tired and thirsty and equally miserable! No matter what plan of action we take, we suffer; such is life.

    Where is God, we may ask? God is everywhere, in the scent of apple blossom, or the light breeze of the wind, or the beauty of another fantastic sunset, and in everything we perceive or can only marvel at.

    You wrote (and may I say beautifully so): ‘We all have these times in our lives..we are facing things that no one can fix. We are caught in a situation that we would never choose for ourselves. Our faith is tested and our hearts grow tired.’ Yes, we are somehow spiritually crucified; whichever way we turn we suffer, and if we don’t move, we suffer still. Only then maybe can we reach out to a God, who knows exactly what we are going through, simply because He has been there Himself…

  2. Thank you Tim.. your comments always encourage me. We can take refuge in the knowledge that we are fellow travelers..experiencing life with God in different environments, but knowing the same God. I appreciate your insights!

  3. Thank you so much only goal in writing this blog is to bring encouragement to the weary and burdened. I think that just about covers all of us at times. The road is long and very windy, but we have each other.

  4. Wonderful post Alicia,

    One that so many people can identify with. It’s very common to see someone speak about their difficult times when they are on the other side from them, but it’s very rare to have someone share while they are in the middle of them. Thank you for your open heart. It is very encouraging to me, and I’m sure to many others.

    Many times we think we have turned a corner, only to see our worst nightmare in front of us, or more of the same with no end in sight. Just last night, I cried out to the Lord and He gave me a verse that I’ll share with you, Psalm 120:1. I don’t know how He will answer either one of us, but I do know that when He says He will answer, He will.

    The faith He has grown in you is so evident, it shines brighter than you could possibly imagine.

    Shalom my friend,

  5. Thank you so much Sarah.. I am touched by your comment at a deep level. The struggle is draining and you are right, just when it seems like it might end it doesn’t.

    I appreciate the verse and it is very timely.God spoke to me this morning reminding me that prayer is the key right now.. praying for those very people that challenge me and prayer for the needs in our family. I am asking Him to keep me faithful to what He has shown me and to help me run to Him repeatedly as the trials continue.

    I don’t usually feel faith- filled so I am grateful that you see the growth.. that really matters to me.


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