Streams of Living Water…

We are desperate for this life giving water that God promises us.. our hearts long to be filled up with the living water that flows from His throne. I don’t claim to understand it all.. but I know that He supplies everything that is missing in us. His life in us is what keeps us safe and directs our steps.  It mystifies me that we find ourselves so dry..absolutely parched..unable to even speak.. when all we need to do is go to Him.

He longs to fill flow through use us. Yet we resist and we keep trying to meet our own needs.. to be our own source. It never works..we are slow learners, aren’t we? Our God is so faithful and patient.. He waits for us to be come closer.. to drink deeply. He knows when we cannot.. when we will not.. He accepts our reluctance and He never abandons us. He made us and He understands the human heart.. our weaknesses and failures.

I really need a drink of that amazing water today..tomorrow I may need even more.

“Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.”‘

2 thoughts on “Streams of Living Water…

  1. Even though we mess up all the time, and pay scant regard to Him, He is always there, patiently waiting for us to return to Him.

    For some reason, in the Israelites, He picked the most obstinate and headstrong and willful people He could; did He make a bad choice? No, He made the best choice! I am headstrong and often obstinate, but I have learnt throughout my life, slowly and painfully, that His way is the best way. I desire an intimate relationship with my Creator, one that makes me happy and fulfills me and keeps me on my toes!

    God knows what we are, because He made us. He knows we are cranky, He knows we are impossible and He knows we would rather do our own thing than really bend an ear to discipline. When we let go, of all this human struggling and conniving, and just let God work His magic, we might begin to see as God sees.

  2. You are so right Tim..God knows all about us and that doesn’t stop Him from loving us or giving to us. We all learn too least that is the way we look at it. From His point of view I’m sure we are moving at just the right pace if we are seeking Him and listening for His voice every day. Thanks for the comment.. I always appreciate your words of wisdom.

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