Waiting and resting..

in the arms of God.  That’s right. Some lights have gone on for me this week. Instead of sitting on the edge of my seat and wondering when the answers will come, I am beginning to rest. realizing at a deeper level that my anxiousness hurts no one but myself. After all if I am confident that God is at work and that I am where I need to be on the path, then I can relax knowing that all is well.

A prayer that helps me.. is to ask if there is anything I am missing.  If I ask and hear nothing than it is safe to assume that I haven’t taken a wrong turn somewhere. I walk daily doing the things God gives me to do.. making sure that I am following His lead and believing that He is taking me deeper.. that He will continue to show me new things and use me to help others. There may be twists and turns, but there are signs along the way that show me I am right where I should be.

This is the place of rest that enables me to wait and trust and believe that He is with me and will bring new things to me at just the right time. Nothing can compare to the peace that God gives as we follow Him with our whole heart. All those things that threaten to overcome us lose their power as we realize that that He is good and that He loves us.

It sounds so easy, but it is truly the most difficult thing I have ever done because it means getting myself out of the way and keeping my focus on Him..intently listening and walking in faith. When we live like this, it is our own personal journey and God speaks encouraging words to us that no one else truly understands. He leads us beside still waters… He quenches our thirst with living water.

“God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.
   You have bedded me down in lush meadows,
      you find me quiet pools to drink from.
   True to your word,
      you let me catch my breath
      and send me in the right direction.”

4 thoughts on “Waiting and resting..

  1. Hi Alicia,

    What a wonderful post. I really like the idea of asking Him if I’m missing anything and if He doesn’t answer to just continue on my way with Him. All the while resting in Him and who He is in the knowledge that He brings things about at just the right time. Much easier said than done!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful follower of this amazing God we have, and continuing to write in the way you do!


  2. Another really good, and may I say refreshingly honest, post Alicia. I think that many Christians need a degree of honesty in their lives instead of pretending that ‘all is well.’ I think many of us feel anxious at times, for any number of reasons, I certainly do myself. God can calm the troubled waters of our souls though, and we need the patience to let Him do this.

  3. Thanks Tim.. I always feel that if I share my own process, it may help someone else who struggles in the same way I do. We are all living together in this fallen world and we fight the same fight to live faithfully for our God.. Of course the wonderful thing is that He is always ready to pick us up when we fall and carry us when we cannot walk another step.

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