The Waiting Room is Full

If  you have been reading my blog for any length of time, then you know that I like to write about waiting. Not because I enjoy fact the opposite is true..but because so much of life is made up of waiting. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are waiting for..but we are unsettled and we know we are waiting. Those are the most difficult seasons.

Life with God is all about waiting. We wait for Him and I suppose He waits for only seems fair that it goes both ways. We pray and wait and lose faith..we pray and wait and hope is restored. He waits for us to trust Him.. we do and then we don’t..still He waits patiently. I can only imagine what He is thinking as we are struggling to believe that He is doing something that we cannot see.

The waiting room is filled with people on all legs of the journey. Some are at peace knowing that He is working. Some are fearful and anxious convinced that they are forgotten. Some are clamoring after answers..trying to solve their own problems. Some have given up. I can relate with all of the above.. I’ve been there.

I want to wait in faith..trusting the Eternal God who created the universe to do exactly what He needs to do at exactly the right time. Could someone turn on the lights in the waiting room? is so hard waiting in the dark.

“Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord”



4 thoughts on “The Waiting Room is Full

  1. I am waiting for God to transform my life into something far better; this ugly caterpillar wants to be a handsome butterfly!

    Yes, it is hard to wait, but if we develop patience, waiting gets easier. Perhaps that is what God wants to develop in us.

  2. I agree Tim.. patience is a very big issue for all of us. We live in a culture that believes everything should happen instantly. In my life.. most things have taken a long time.. I’ve waited many years for things that I had hoped for much sooner. The waiting has made them sweeter and more wonderful.. I see God’s goodness in all of it.

  3. Perfect timing. After reading a couple of your posts in tears, because part of me wants answers so bad and part of me wants to walk away from all of it, I realize I’ve sensed it: I am to wait. Still, I wonder how much of that is Him or me. I’m having to breakdown everything I was trained to believe and I’ve just recently realized I’ve barely been with Him my whole life. It’s going to be hard for a while, but I feel, I hope, with everything in me, that the future holds something I can’t even conceive of. So, thank you Alicia, for being there for me even as I am miles away…

    • You are so welcome Lexi.. He is with you in this season and yes the future holds things you can’t conceive of.. showers of blessings that will fall at the perfect time. Much of our life with Him involves waiting.. so much happens when we think nothing is happening. It is amazing.
      xo Alicia

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