A bumpy landing..

No.. I’m not referring to the plane ride back from Maui. My bumpy landing is the one that I had coming back into my life after our vacation. It felt so good to be in another story for 10 days.. it wasn’t a perfect story.. they never are. It was a new story.. an unpredictable story that was filled with new people, places, and things. In the vacation story, there is no concern about the future because every day brings beauty, surprises, and romance. I made a deliberate attempt to live fully through each day and took lots of pictures so the memories would stay fresh after we returned.

Once we were home I struggled with the same pressures and circumstances that I was able to leave behind. I think I expected everything to change dramatically (wishful thinking!) As I continue to make the adjustment.. .I’ve started to realize that I can either choose my own small story again or the larger story that God is unfolding. The small one is dark and negative..the larger story is hopeful and faith filled. This is a choice that we all face continually and one that I have written about repeatedly.

I write about it because we have an enemy who wants us to forget the goodness of God. He wants to steal the beauty and romance that God has for us whereve we are.  John Eldredge writes about this in the end of his book The Sacred Romance.  ” Remembering is not mere nostalgia; it is an act of survival, our way of watching over our hearts with diligence…When I consider all that is at stake in this journey I am on, how vulnerable are my heart and the hearts of those I love, how quickly I forget, I am moved to fall on my face and cry out to God for the grace to remember.”  What more can I say?..except that I landed safely in the arms of God.

” I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterword you will take me into glory..my flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”      Psalm 73

4 thoughts on “A bumpy landing..

  1. I can see God in those three beautiful pictures at the side of this excellent thoughtful post! How B I G God is compared to our troubles; and yet, He is good enough to enter into our struggles and we then realise that He has seen our pain, our misgivings, our uncertainties of which all of us have, believers or not.

  2. You are so right Tim.. He is so much bigger than we realize most of the time. I really like what you wrote..truly ” He enters into our struggles.” Great reminder!

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