Thirteen years ago..

today..I was widowed after living in a very difficult relationship for 25 years. I lived in a prison that I did not deserve..with an addict who never tasted the freedom that God wanted to give him. I thought my life was over when this happened..I thought I was too old to start over. I could not see a future for myself..God had a different plan.

My life now is unbelievable..I have an amazing husband , wonderful grandchildren, a beautiful place to live, lots of free time for the things I love. God has been so good to me. He has given me more than I could ever ask for or even dream about. He continues to surprise me. He has replaced my small sad story by placing me in His larger story..a great adventure..the abundant  life that I was longing for.

Now..this does not mean there are no problems..or that my life is a bowl of cherries. There are struggles and challenges..loss and disappointment. The good and the hard..they go hand in hand. He is the redeemer and the one who takes all of it and uses it for good. His plan is perfect and He is to be trusted.

I am celebrating His goodness today..recognizing His faithfulness and encouraging you to do the same. Take a little time to stand back from your life..look for the thin places where His goodness breaks through and your are overwhelmed by His love.

” Yet I am confident I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.”

4 thoughts on “Thirteen years ago..

  1. This is a really inspirational post Alicia. I’m sorry you had to suffer for so long, sometimes there doesn’t seem any reason for that; Moses himself was estranged for years and years not really understanding the calling of God on his life; when he finally fuliflled his calling, well, what a calling that was!

    Sometimes religion, you know the traditional kind, is telling us one thing, and God quite frankly is telling us something else! God is bigger than religion and He really can move mountains in our lives, if we only let Him do that.

    I’m glad you have found a whole new family to love and cherish, and be loved and cherished in return; this is most certainly God’s blessing. Of course, no one’s life is perfect but God is good and you have found yourself in His story, the bigger picture, when so many Christians can’t often see that; we can get caught up in the little details without seeing the bigger picture.

    You wrote: ‘Take a little time to stand back from your life.’ I need to do that at the moment because I can’t see the wood for the trees as yet. And certainly we should wish for happiness and peace long before we reach the pearly gates!

  2. Hi Tim.. Yes I am blessed beyond measure. It is wonderful to get those glimpses of His goodness.. I only wish I was able to stay in that place all the time:) realistically I find that we need to find ways to stay in touch with that larger story.

    I am making an effort right now to stay in that place of gratefulness..there are some unresolved issues and pressure that threaten to take me to a place of worry and fear. The only thing that helps is to remember His faithfulness and to tell our story when He gives us the opportunity.

    Thanks for yhour comment.. I always appreciate what you have to say.

  3. Thank you Tasha.. He is good all the time..Isn’t it amazing that He lets us see how there is meaning in the won’t last forever.. and He has not forgotten the desires of our hearts. We are blessed.. He is incredible!

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