Please pray

I’ve never posted a prayer request on my blog.. but I feel compelled to ask you to pray for my Mom. She is 90..blind and in a wheelchair. She is Jewish and claimed to be an atheist until recently. I’m not sure where she is spiritually, but I know God is pursuing her. She lives in a residential facility with full-time caregivers..most are Filipino.

Her regular caregivers are on a trip to the Philippines and there are a couple new people. I met one of them yesterday.. he is a Filipino Pastor. God is good.. He sent three chaplains into my Mom’s life over the last 5 years and now this. Our family has prayed and shared with her over the years.. for me it has been 35 years and almost as long for my daughter. She started talking with my Mom when she was a very small child.  As my son-in-law said today..we are all waiting for her to come in..including her great grandkids.

She has outlived her sister, husband, brother-in-laws, sister-in laws, and even a nephew. God has kept her here for a reason. So.. please pray for her. God is after her. Before her time here is finished, He will have captured her heart.

Thank you!

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”



15 thoughts on “Please pray

  1. Hi Alicia,
    I will keep you, your mom, and family in my prayers. God is amazing. He has a plan and He will cause it to come about. You never know when, where, or how He will accomplish His will, but He does. Rest in that, and look forward to what you see Him do.
    Many blessings,

  2. agreeing with you and all of your family in this. What joy it would be to know with confidence where she stand with the Lord before she stands before the Lord! Yes, LORD, bring revelation of Yourself to her!

  3. May every seed of Truth that has been planted in her heart bring forth fruit in this season of her life. Household salvation!

  4. Father, according to Alicia’s request and your Word. I, along with every believer that is praying, ask for that lucid moment in which my dear sister will embrace your love for her and believe you for her salvation. I also ask for deliverance from spirit that creates a hardened heart. Thank you for another Saint in your Kingdom. In Jesus’ precious name! AMEN

  5. Thank you all so much.. I broke down when I came home right now and saw these comments and Sebastian’s beautiful prayer.. God is so good.. I am not carrying the weight of this by myself.. He will do it. My husband just pointed out that the picture I posted was taken just a few blocks from Mom’s residence.. I had no idea.. it just jumped out at me..

  6. Praying for your mom! God loves her more then even you do, and he has great plans for her I am certain. Don’t worry God is in control.

  7. Continuing in prayer with you, Alicia, thank you for honoring your mom even more by asking for prayer. Ma the fill you with peace as He weaves your mom into His beautiful pattern of love. Continue to listen and step as He leads, dear one,
    Breathe His love,

  8. All we can do is have hope; God’s purposes go beyond what we can really understand… as we say in England ‘your mom’s had a good innings!’ see that in itself as a blessing from God Alicia… when we play our part, we can move mountains…

  9. Dear Alicia,
    Salvation belongs to the Lord. He will touch your mom’s heart and she will know and embrace Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The day is at hand. Believing with you.

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