Two Years!

Today is the two-year anniversary of this blog. I’m celebrating the goodness of God by remembering how every single time I sit down to write.. He gives me words to share with you. I’m also celebrating all of you..the readers..those who have left wonderful comments and those who are silent. You are all important and without you I would not be writing.

When I started God gave me a glimpse of something. He made it clear that we all need to be encouraged and we need rest, refreshment, and renewal. My goal in every post has been to draw you closer to the heart of our God.. I receive more than I ever give.

The last two years of my life have been very challenging.. how about yours? There were many times when I wanted to jump off the earth and leave it all behind. There were times when I just could not believe that God was in charge. Moments when I felt so abandoned and forgotten..I cried out to Him from a very deep place. He brought peace and hope. Mixed in were moments of joy, relief, understanding. and healing. God was busy.

Markers are very important. We have the chance to stop and remember..birthdays and anniversaries are markers we usually recognize. There may be others..spiritual markers.. something started and something ended. We are aware of a season coming to a close and God grabs our attention through a date or an experience. Sometimes there are book-ends. Something began 2 years ago and something new is beginning exactly two years later..that often happens to me.

There are patterns in our life..they direct us to the God who is behind the scenes unfolding a wonderful story that includes us. We have a part in this great that is distinctively ours. He wants us to see His work in ours lives and He gives us signs that He is close and watching over us. I hope you are blessed by what you read is a reminder that we are all meant to see..

“The Goodness of God in the Land of the Living.”

Taken from my patio March 2010

8 thoughts on “Two Years!

  1. Lovely Alicia; I really enjoy your blog and your philosophy! I’ve put your blog on my blog list, so anyone coming to my blog will see yours too.

    God truly moves in mysterious ways, and who can ever fully understand Him, His motives and His reasons for they way He operates in our lives? Not me, that’s for certain!

    I find that each day God gives me just enough strength to carry on’ tomorrow, well that’s another day on my journey! He gives me just enough bread and water to see me through each day; but, somehow, I always have enough!

  2. Thank you Tim! I have enjoyed our dialogue on my blog and appreciate your encouragment. I agree..just enough for the day..tomorrow is in His hands. I am just beginning to get that in the deepest part of my heart.

  3. I enjoy reading your posts and sharing some that are particularly meaningful to me. What I miss are the personal experiences that have occurred that have brought about change, difficulties, transformation, etc. I very much appreciate authors who invite you into their process by sharing situations, etc., that have brought about change. I would love to hear from you in that regard.

    • Lynn.. the purpose of the blog is more devotional in nature..I am not comfortable sharing personal things online. The book I am working on will include my story and more of my process.. Stay tuned 🙂

      Thanks for reading and for sharing with others.

  4. Have absolutely loved reading your blog and seen so many insights that mirror what God is doing in my own journey. SO overdue for a nice long chat. I will rectify that soon!
    love you my friend!

  5. Congratulations on your 2 ND anniversary. I hope you will be around for many more anniversaries.

    I still do not understand why you do not have a like button on this blog.

    God bless you.

  6. Thanks Noel.. I just enabled the “like” should see it when you click on a post.. I never realized I had to decide to turn it on.. Thanks for the tip and the encouragement!


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