The fog has lifted..

That is what it feels like when the voice of God suddenly becomes clear and strong. He promises to speak to us.. if we are willing to be still.. to be rest in the silent place. He longs to reveal those things that will enable us to live more speak truth in the innermost parts.

I believe these things that I just wrote.. but the silence can be agonizing. His voice brings freedom to our weary souls. He shines light into the darkness and the confusion is gone. He is the rescuer. He comes for us. I have just experienced this over the last month in a way that I never would have imagined. The darkness was one of the worst I have ever known..the accuser doing his work. Where was God? All I could do was cry out to Him..trusting that He was close. I was desperate for Him and He began to peel back the darkness. Little glimpses of light came into my life as He spoke to my heart.

I had asked for healing and He came to do a work that would set me free. Healing requires desire..committment..longing..willingness. We also need to set aside time to be let the pain come to the surface. My life has been filled with disappointment and pain caused by those closest to me..I never thought I could understand why they did what they did or be able to truly forgive. God knew better.

He met me each time I cried out to Him.. “help me forgive them Lord”..He met me every time I asked for protection and comfort. He used my husband to hold me over and over again as the pain poured out of the old wounds. He gave me a safe place to fall He could put me back together again.

He is the healer..the redeemer..He is able. He will do a deep work in you if you keep asking Him and make time for it. He is longing to transform us.. to fill us with His amazing unconditional love. He is our God.


                               ” The Lord our Healer..Jehovah-Rapha”         


7 thoughts on “The fog has lifted..

  1. I love this post Alicia; so well written and thoughtful. Incidentally I came to your blog from a commet you left on a ‘hermeneutics’ post; I liked what you wrote there too. I am going to bookmark your blog and will spend time reading your posts.

    You wrote: “My life has been filled with disappointment and pain caused by those closest to me” I’m so sorry to hear that and realise I have been lucky with my family and have never been hurt much by them. Was it in a church type thing?

    We all struggle, and sometimes those who hurt are those who are hurting. People, instead of dealing with their own problems, inflict them on someone else, sometimes those closest to them. We all are imperfect and we see through a glass darkly, often not comprehending other people and their pain; we all suffer in a fallen world; sometimes it’s better to forgive and forget, and move on.

    Anyway, look forward to more of your posts; if you feel like it you can check out my blog too sometime.

  2. Hi Tim.. I’ve ready many of your comments on Hermenutics.. nice to finally meet you. I’m glad you stopped by and hope you find encouragment in my posts. When I referred to being hurt and disappointed by those close to me.. it covered 5 decades of my life and includes a very dysfunctional upbringing, two abusive marriages and several church abuse situations. We need deep healing to be able to forgive and that has been my work for the last 13 years. Healing takes time.. so does forgiving.

    God uses all my experience to enable me to counsel people who have also been wounded and hurt by families members,spouses and churches.. without actually going through these experiences myself.. I doubt that I would truly understand their suffering. Romans 8:28

    Thanks for your encouragment and I will stop by your blog..

  3. Alicia, thanks for being so honest & forthright. None of our struggles are in vain. I believe through it all God is fulfilling His highest call in our lives – being found in the likeness of His Son.

  4. Yes I concur with Sneha, being honest and truthful, even if sometimes that honestyand truthfulness can hurt, is far better than living a lie and hiding behind religious platitudes of one kind or another.

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