The Sacred Romance

Yes.. today is Valentine’s Day.. the day we celebrate, cards, and candy are everywhere. Tonight there will be special dinners offered in restaurants and couples will get engaged or married on this most romantic of all holidays.

For some of us..this day is not easy. We may be alone or in an unhappy relationship. Our hearts feeling heavy as we long for something more. God created us to desire romance. He put those desires in our heart.. the longings we feel are His idea. So what do we do if we are heartbroken and feel forgotten? There is  no easy answer.. but I can make some suggestions.

Find a way to connect with the heart of God. If you need to talk about your disappointments.. look for someone who will understand. If you are discouraged because you have been waiting and waiting and waiting, tell someone who will pray for you and help you on your journey. Remember His promises and His faithfulness..they are true for you and will never change. Look for those personal touches that come from the heart of God into your life. He is pursuing you today.. inviting you into the sacred romance that happens only between you and Him.

Our God is personal and your feelings matter to Him. His desire is to help you receive His love and to know down deep that He is pleased with you. His love does not depend upon your goodness or performance. God is a hopeless romantic and He loves you deeply no matter what. He is in love with you because He created you and you are the apple of His eye. Enjoy that truth today..allow it to go down deep into your heart.

” Happy Valentine’s Day”



7 thoughts on “The Sacred Romance

  1. Hi Alicia! It’s been a long time since I commented! I really liked this post – have you ever read the book The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge? really good – I’m looking forward to discussing The Great Divorce with you and the gals! xoxo

  2. Thanks to both of you! Yes Liz.. I got an oppportunity to speak at the MOPS meeting today at Marin Covenant on that very book:) It has had a tremendous effect on my life.

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  4. That’s very sound advice, Alicia. To God be the glory. If there was ever a true Valentine, Jesus would be the one. You can bet your life that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless.

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