His Extravagant Love

Thanksgiving week is a wonderful time to remember the goodness of God. I want to share a story with you. This week-end my husband and I were out in Napa..we had several reasons to drive out there..primarily so I could have some physical therapy on my neck and back. God surprised us with some amazing sights. The grapevines were the most beautiful colors..we could hardly believe our eyes. We kept pointing out things to one another and I could not stop taking pictures. It was a wonderful unexpected gift from our God.

On our way home..as we were driving into our valley I saw a sign for an estate sale. I rarely visit these..they always remind me of the fact that someone died recently and here we are browsing through those things that meant so much to them. I suggested that we stop by, not sure why ..but it seemed as though God was leading. As we walked through the kitchen there was a set of beautiful crystal wine glasses..Wow! Two days earlier I had removed my old glasses from the cupboard because we never used them..I wondered if I would find others to replace those without spending much money.

I actually bargained with the estate sellers and we walked out with the whole set of 10 glasses for $24.oo. Something told me that God was being generous to us. We looked online and my husband, who is the world’s best researcher, found the same glasses on a crystal replacement website. It turns out they were made in England in around 1960 or 70. Each replacement glass cost $130.00. So..we were able to buy $1300 worth of crystal wine glasses for $24.00. Unbelievable. Why am I telling you this story? Because I want to remind you of the extravagance of our Lord. He is able to give us anything at anytime.. and I am not just writing about wine glasses.

His desire is to meet us with unexpected answers to prayer.. amazing miracles that no one but He can do. He wants to show us that He is leading us.. to bless us and give us good gifts. His plan for us is unfolding in a perfect way. In the dark times.. there is something beautiful He is doing in us. His heart is filled with new ideas that He will reveal at the perfect time. Remember His goodness today..have faith for tomorrow.

 He is with you!

” Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

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