Remember to Rest

Yes..this post is for you! Remember to rest. What exactly is this rest I am talking about? It is intentional, not incidental. It doesn’t just happen because it is Saturday or Sunday or whatever day you may have without scheduled activities. The rest I am writing about is learning to be still and rest in His goodness. It is an inner that happens in our emotions, spirits, and bodies. This is the rest that God promises to His people.

How many of us experience it? I’m afraid the answer is sad..not many. We live in our busy demanding culture..often there is not even time to think about resting. Technological advances help make us more and more available to anyone at any time. We are plugged in..waiting for the next text, phone call, email.. whatever. Maybe it is time to take a break and look at the condition of our hearts. Is your heart heavy? Filled with anxiety or worry? Fearful? Tired?

All of these are signs that you need to rest. Corrie ten Boom wrote a little book about forty years ago .. the title is ” Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle.” I love the title and today I pulled it off my shelf. I used to read this book over and over and I remember the reason. Her faith is so solid, so pure and so practical. She reminds her readers of the joy and peace that God has for us as we trust Him. Her life was filled with incredible trials..time spent in a concentration camp where she watched her sister die. She did not have it easy.. that was not the point. She learned to rest in Him.

The book is full of quotes.. I wish I could read it to you right now. One that jumped out at me says.” To worry is the same as saying to God ‘ I don’t believe you’.”  Wow!

When we rest in God, we are telling Him that we believe Him, that we know that He is good and that we will lay down our own agenda in exchange for the abundant life He offers us. As we stop striving and trying to write our own stories, He will unfold each new chapter of our lives at just the right moment. He carries us in His arms and takes us forward..protecting and providing for us.

“Today is yesterday’s tomorrow you worried about, and all is well.”

” Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.”

3 thoughts on “Remember to Rest

  1. Thanks for stopping by ladies.. He is our hiding place..amazing isn’t it?

    I just found out that you can still buy that book on Amazon.. it is a gem 🙂


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