Fear again..

I know I’ve written on this topic in the past, but right now it seems important to re-visit it. How many times do we hesitate to do the next thing because we are afraid? I don’t know about you, but I really hate making mistakes..that makes living just a little difficult 🙂 Mistakes are part of life and the sooner I realize that.. the better. Fear on the other hand does not need to be a part of our lives. I’m not talking about healthy fear..like not walking on the edge of cliff or taking unnecessary risks for no reason. I am talking about fear that disables us.

Yes..disables. Fear can make is stand still and not move when we really should take a step. Fear can cause us to be quiet, when there is something to say. Fear lies to us. It drains our energy and strength and keeps us from living fully. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Read that again. How do we combat fear? By realizing that in our life with God we should never make fear based decisions. If I am not doing something because I am afraid.. I want to realize that reason is not legitimate and move ahead.

When we act out of fear..there are  regrets later. Looking back we grieve over the things that could have been but did not. Now.. just because I am writing this, don’t assume that I have never made fear based decisions. Just the opposite is true, I made too many of them and now I hope to help you discover that you don’t have to do life that way. God is going to take you wherever you need to go and He is going to protect you and guide you. Don’t be afraid. Our God is with us!

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

3 thoughts on “Fear again..

  1. Thanks TIffin and Sarah.. earlier today I really felt a prompting from the Lord to share these thoughts on fear.. I knew that I needed to write them so they would go deeper into my own spirit and I felt like other people needed the same encouragment. So glad to know that He was leading and I was following.

    We contintue to need reminders along the way.. He is good at providing them.

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