His Faithfulness..not ours

As I was thinking about the 23rd psalm yesterday I realized once again that it is His faithfulness that matters not ours. We waver..doubt..get fearful and anxious. He stays the same and He promises to continue leading us toward all the good things He has for us. His plan is unfolding because of His goodness and mercy toward us.

Our struggles are so real..so tangible..so overwhelming. Our emotions are strong and deep. Our lives are complex and uncertain. We need something to be solid under our feet..that is what we have in Him..a sure foundation. What a relief to remember that living our lives in a perfect way is not the goal..we will never do it. Our best intentions fall short..we fail..we fall and at the last moment..He catches us..holds us..comforts us..loves on us. We are His beloved!

What an amazing God we have. He never tires of us..abandons us or forgets about us..even when we are sure He has. Our faithlessness does not stop Him. He will meet us in the midst of our trials..reassuring us of His presence.

Take a minute to remember.. HIM.. His goodness..His love for you.. His grace.. His faithfulness.

” The Lord is my Shepherd.. I have all that I need.”

5 thoughts on “His Faithfulness..not ours

  1. Thank you Sarah. When I remember His goodness everything falls into place. We all struggle with spiritual amnesia and need these type of reminders.
    xo Alicia

  2. Hi Alicia – I found your blog via my friend, Jo-Anne Berthelsen. Thanks for your wise words – and beautiful photos. I totally agree with you – God is amazing, and the more we focus on him, and the less we focus on ourselves, the better life becomes. It is such a relief that it isn’t up to us to be perfect, isn’t it?

  3. Welcome to my blog..I couldn’t agree more with your comment. If our eyes are on Him everything makes sense..we are safe and He just gets bigger and bigger!

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