Going forward with Him

God is always doing new things..but our awareness of this can vary. If we become stuck in a difficult place emotionally we will miss much of what He is doing. Our focus tends to stay on ourselves..our problems..our worries..our sights are set on the things of this world.We may look intently into the future..when we cannot see what will happen..we become filled with fear. Soon we are writing our own story..the one with an unhappy ending.

I recently went through a very difficult season of my life..it lasted for several years and during that time I found myself wondering about things that I thought I would never question. I grew weary and my faith faltered. I found myself getting depressed and discouraged. I suffered physically..grieivng my losses and disappointments..my spirit was deflated. I didn’t have any answers and all I could do was remember that God was with me. He carried me along and when it was time He rescued me from the heaviness of those days.

He never forgot me and I never forgot Him. I grew during those dark days..they were not a waste. He healed old wounds that went back to my childhood..painful memories came to the surface and I shed many tears. He was doing a deep work in me. No..I would not choose that road..but He did and I knew it was going to bring me to a new place emotionally and spiritually. I agreed with His desire to set me free and that meant facing the old pain and receiving the restoration that He longed to give me.

Moving forward is not always pleasant.. it is often painful..requiring courage and committment. But we have a God who will move quickly to bring healing and to bring us into that new place where we experience more freedom. We will be transformed as we trust Him and remember His goodness. His plan for our lives is perfect and nothing can keep it from unfolding.. our part is to nurture our connection with Him..to rely on Him in the dark and know that He is with us.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”




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