A new season is around the corner…

It’s warm here today..summer officially starts on Tuesday. We are approaching a new season and I just love to write about what that means. The seasons of  the year are great learning opportunities. We can’t control them and that can be frustrating. Do you ever just feel ready for the cold weather to end in February? Are you frustrated by too many hot days in August? I believe that God gave us these seasons to teach us some things.

We must wait for the rain to end before Spring comes..in the heat we long for the first cold days of Fall..we have no power to make it happen faster. Does that remind you of life? Are you in a season right now that is challenging? Are you wondering when the change will come? What is God saying anyway? It is likely He wants to teach you to enjoy the present season..savour the rain because soon it will be hot and dry. Enjoy the heat before it gets cold and wet again. The lesson is to be here now..to enjoy the present season..to find ways to relax and accept things as they are.

It helps when we remember that He is totally in control. This season is part of His greater plan for our lives. He is at work behind the scenes preparing our next step..putting all the pieces in place so that we are able to fulfill our purpose. His plan is unfolding step by step. His work in us is what matters..are we growing closer to Him? Trusting Him more? Or are we complaining and wanting our own way? He examines our hearts..what do you want Him to find there?

For me..I want Him to be pleased with me. To listen with pleasure as I proclaim His goodness. I want Him to send people into my path that need encouragement because He trusts me to shower them with the love. I want to be used to fulfill His purposes and not my own plans. Does that sound good to you? Tell Him..He is listening..eager to draw you into His redemptive purposes and His perfect plan.

” He changes times and seasons!”

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