Caring for yourself..

Not an easy thing to do in our world.. not a popular topic in some circles. Are we talking about selfishness here?..self-absorption?..narcissism? No..taking care of yourself is about realizing your limitations..facing your mortality..getting in touch with your body and remembering that you are valuable to God. He cares for us..unceasingly and in order to be able to join Him in His work..we need to care for ourselves. Often this means stepping back from the demands of the world..feeling OK about resting and relaxing..looking for refreshment for your mind, body, and spirit.

We identify so strongly with our accomplishments..our work..our activities..our service..all of these are not bad..but they are not us. We are more than what we do. We have value because of His love for us and because He created us..we belong to Him and His heart is for us. There is a difference between doing things for God and joining Him in His work. If we are compelled to work for gets confusing. Are we doing things to please Him ?..or do we realize that He is pleased with us and that inspires our activity. One way is legalism and the other is grace and freedom.

When we stop and rest and allow Him to renew us..we are able to see more clearly..we hear His voice in new ways. We stop being driven..we stop striving..we learn to rest and be still. This is not the way of the world..or the way of the church. Everywhere you look.. everyone is busy..moving fast from one thing to another..constantly rushing..talking on the phone..never stopping until it is time to collapse into bed. Yet many of us are isolated and lonely..wondering what our purpose is. God wants to change that quiet us so He can pour His love into the empty places in our hearts.

He has a plan for is His plan that will bring wholeness. He longs to become more to us. Care for yourself by making time for this. Trust in His faithfulness and His goodness.

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out..plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

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