Do you want to get well?

That was a question that Jesus asked in John Chapter 5. There was a man who had been ill for 38 years..before He did anything..Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed. It seems like a strange question when you consider that the man was trying to get into the pool of Bethesda for a long time.. people kept getting in front of him. That pool was a place where the waters were stirred by the Lord and the first person to step into the water after this happened was healed of whatever disease they had. He was healed when Jesus came and he no longer had to wait for just the right moment.

We are like that man. We may be thinking..when will it be my turn? How long do I have to wait? Why is everyone else in line in front of me? Our hearts become heavy..weighed down.. we can’t make it another step. We see the pool and the waters are being stirred..we lie on our mat and wonder how we can get there in time. We feel like giving has been so long.

Suddenly Jesus appears and says ” Stand up..pick up your mat..and walk.” He has come for us. He is rescuing us. He will ask us if we want to be healed..He doesn’t give His gifts to those who would rather remain the same. He is more than ready to meet us in our illness and pain. We may have to the man..He was seeking the healing and the Lord saw that desire in his heart and set him free.

Do you want to get well? He wants to heal you. Do you need to be carried to the pool of Bethesda? He will come for you..He will carry you and speak words of healing to your broken body and your broken heart. He is our God..nothing is impossible with Him!

He came to set the captives free.. to heal the brokenhearted “

2 thoughts on “Do you want to get well?

  1. Thanks for a great post. It was a year ago that I began a change of course in my life when I said “yes” to Him in a way that has changed my life forever. All I can say is when He stands there with your new life in His hands, say “yes” and know that you’ll never look back.

  2. Thanks Martha..I love your comment. He is so faithful to meet us as soon as we are ready..isn’t it interesting that we think we are waiting..later we find out He was waiting 🙂

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