Two Days Away’s almost here. The most important holiday for those of us who follow commemorates the turning point when He fulfilled His destiny and changed ours. We are able to come to Him in freedom..without guilt or condemnation. Our lives are intimately connected to the heart of God through Him. It’s all rather mysterious..isn’t it?

For me this time of year tends to be heavy and heart wrenching.. I’m not sure why. I feel it every year at this time. It is as though my spirit is anticipating the moment when everything will change. The heaviness of that day on the cross seems almost palpable. Why would I be experiencing these type of feelings? I think I know..our hearts are joined with His..we are connected to Him and just as He remembers it all..we get a small dose of that memory. We anticipate the shift..from the season of suffering into the season of victory.

Let’s enter into this mini season and allow Him to bring anything to the surface that we need to face before Sunday. He is doing things in us..preparing us for that great moment when He made all things new. Are you weighed down right now? Is your heart heavy? He understands and He will bring you comfort as you lean into His arms. Two more days and then……….

Then Jesus shouted ” Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands!”

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