Old wounds..new beginnings.

This is the week before Easter.. a very good time to do some soul-searching. As we approach the celebration of the time when God changed everything in a dramatic way we have the opportunity to examine our hearts..not in the way we often hear. I’m not talking about looking at our sins or evaluating our performance. Let’s look at the broken places and ask God to heal them. We all have them..they may be filled with unresolved guilt.. harsh words..unhealthy relationships..sorrow and broken dreams. We may be ignoring them by self-medicating or escaping.

Jesus wants to come in and restore us. I can sense that work going on in my own heart right now. I have many wounds from my own past. My relationships with family members and members of the opposite sex were unhealthy and co-dependent. The Lord is continually telling me that I am not bound by those experiences..I can live fully now and leave those memories in the past where they belong. Some days that seems like it will never happen and other days I enjoy the present and feel fully alive in this great life that God has given me.

Healing is not a straight line. We move forward and we slip back..but we are making progress. We are moving toward new beginnings..new opportunities..the abundant life. Our part is to continue to trust..pray..be willing..desire..believe..ask and imagine. His part is to restore..redeem and replace. He is at work in our hearts and minds..take time to reflect and receive from Him this week.

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning…You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing!”

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