Be Still

This is not easy to least for some of us. We find it difficult to remain in one stop moving.  There are times in life when we just need to be stop trying to figure out our next move and to trust that God has a plan. He requires our cooperation..that can be the tricky part. Our human nature thinks that He needs our help..we will figure out the next step. We want to come up with the solution..the answer.. the plan. I am guilty of this continually.

God gets my attention through my feelings. I realize that many people discount their feelings and refuse to take them seriously..not a good idea. The Holy Spirit will direct us through them if we are praying and seeking His will. He leads us very subtle ways. If I am moving in a direction that is not the best for me..the passion for what I am doing begins to fade..I lose the desire. Yes..the desire. Our desires are important..they tell us about ourselves..desire is foundational to our walk with God.

Desire for God leads us to Him in the first place..without that desire there would be no relationship. Desire leads people into living..personal traveling..the list is endless. Our passion is from God and He speaks to us through it every single day. The challenge is to be still and let those passions come to the keep the channel open so God can speak and lead and encourage. The other challenge is to stop second guessing the quiet our own hearts and minds.

In this short season before we come to Easter..let’s get quiet.. be still..allow Him to bring up those things that we long Him with all the uncertainty..remember His goodness..

“Be Still and know that I am God.”

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