This happens when we find ourselves facing issues or ideas that are debatable. There are at least two sides and maybe more. How do we handle these situations? Pretend that we agree? Argue? Hide? None of these reactions are appropriate or mature. We were created with the ability to think..ponder and investigate. God encourages us to pray for wisdom. He knows we will have questions..that is not a problem for Him.

As believers we are able to explore our faith in deep ways.. to challenge traditional interpretations of question the experts. Our faith will only grow deeper as we open ourselves up to the possibility that we what we believe may not be as black and white as we once thought. The questioning process is challenges us to grow and to embrace our faith more fully.

If you read the gospels you will see many examples of people asking questions of Jesus. Some of them seem strange to us..but we were not there and we can only imagine how confusing His presence must have been for them. He never refused to answer or yelled at them for asking. In fact He asked them many help them understand what He was teaching. 

Remember when the rich man said “Good Teacher, what should I do to inherit eternal life? Jesus answered with another question.”Why do you call me good?” and then He began answering the man. He dialogued with him until there was nothing else to say. Just one example of His desire to communicate..even over the difficult issues. Questions are good..controversy is healthy.

Jesus said ” What do you want me to do for you?” 

“Lord” he said,” I want to see!”

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