“Enjoy Life..this is not a dress rehearsal”

An anonymous quote that appeared on my home page today. It struck a nerve with me. “Each day we experience only happens once.” We get only one chance to appreciate this day and to live it fully. Today is all we have.” How often have we heard these type of sayings? Probably quite often. Yet we fail to take them seriously. We live as though everything will go on forever..but deep inside we know better. Our lives here are temporary..fleeting..passing quickly..could end at any moment.

So yes..we are to enjoy life. As we look around at the world and at our own lives we see devastation and loss everywhere..how are we supposed to respond? A question worth pondering. Should we feel guilty because others are suffering? What response would God want from us? I believe He wants us to respond with compassion..with mercy and with a heart that cries out for those who are hurting.. to savor the blessings we experience each day..to appreciate our own lives..to live fully and passionately for Him.

Life is a balancing act at times..feeling for others and not letting that rob us of the joy God has for us..not any easy road. We experience God’s broken heart when we see tragedy..yet He does not require us to feel guilty for all the good things..they are all from Him. He is having His way even when it makes no sense to us. The world only seems to be spinning out of control.. His sovereignty is never-ending. There is so much we don’t understand..our only hope is to focus on God’s character..His faithfulness..wisdom..and goodness.

The funny thing is that the title of this post is not really true. This is all a dress rehearsal..the real thing is yet to come.

“When we’ve been there ten thousand years…
bright shining as the sun.
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise…
then when we first begun.”

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