You want me to do what?

God has a way of asking for the impossible and making it sound reasonable. He can sneak right up on us..when we are not expecting it and ask us to move in a brand new direction..taking risks that seem very unrealistic. But..if you think about it..isn’t that exactly what Jesus did? Nothing He did while He was here made a lot of sense.. humanly speaking…one reason we may have trouble interpreting the gospel stories.

His way is counter-intuitive. He does not see our lives through the lens of our reality. He views them from His perspective..the author of the larger story. He stands over the small stories of our lives and sees the beginning..the middle.. and the end. We can’t do matter how much we may try. He prepares us step by step to leap forward into His arms. He asks us to do things that no one will truly understand. He urges us to move in step with Him..not looking back..preparing to turn the next corner with no real idea of what lies ahead.

A life filled with risk..surprises..unexpected ideas..twists and turns. The abundant life that He has promised us.. is not comfortable, quiet, or safe. In fact.. once we taste of His creativity and ability to do new things with us and in us..there will be no peace until we say “Yes Lord” to everything He is asking for. He desires to transform shape us and to take us on new adventures. He is a radical out of the box God..Our Creator!

“Who knows if perhaps you were made Queen for such a time as this!”               

(from the book of Esther)

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