I remember when this word really hit home with me. I was sitting in a seminary class with a  young man who told the professor that he was going to write his paper on disappointment. I could see it written all over his face. His life was not what he had hoped for. His face and his countenance were reflecting that condition. I was struck by the seriousness of it all..the intensity of his losses..the devastation that he was living with daily.

As we grow older we are faced with more and more loss. Our lives do not follow the path that we dreamed about when we were younger. Our fantasies do not come true. Our ideals are shattered. Our hearts are broken over and over. Our relationships fall short. We are faced with unexpected disappointment.

It is not fatal..but it may feel like it is. Our hearts are weighed down..we carry a load of on our shoulders. So..what do we do? Admit that all this has happened..grieve our losses..cry over our failures and the failures of others. We must die to those unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Not so we can give up..so we can move on. We are here..God is with us..our lives are not finished. We have to let go in order to live fully in the time we have left. Our broken hearts need the healing balm of the Holy Spirit..our broken spirits crave the new life that can only come from our Father in Heaven.

God is the God of new beginnings. He has a new season for you. It may very well include surprises that you will recognize as old dreams in new packages. He has not forgotten a single longing or desire that belongs to you. He is aware of your deepest pain and loss. His plan is to restore you and renew you..to bring you out of disappointment and into the abundant life.

“Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in my God! I will praise Him again.. my Saviour and my God.”

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