Going deeper

God calls out to us..come closer. We resist..afraid that He will want something. We’re right.. He does want something. What is He asking for? Do we have it? Will it be painful? We hold back..imagining that this life with Him will require more than we can give. He pursues us through our feelings, circumstances and those around us. He calls our name. He follows us everywhere we go.

We can’t escape this God who is so mysterious..so unpredictable..so surprising. He wants to take us places we have never been. He longs to lead us into an adventure..a life that is filled with unexpected twists and turns. His spirit is drawing us..touching on the unfulfilled longings that hide deep inside our hearts.  If His heart is overwhelmed with love for us..why is it all so hard to believe?

We have walls..secret places..we are apathetic..scared..insecure..unsure..is it true that He loves us with an everlasting love? Why can’t I feel it? He must take us deeper..breaking down those walls that keep Him out. This happens through trails..when we suffer..in the midst of our pain.

We find Him there..caring..holding..comforting..soothing..carrying..revealing His true nature. He wants to be found..He is not hiding.. He is waiting.

” God looks down from heaven on the entire human race..He looks to see if anyone is truly wise..if anyone seeks God.”

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