Continuing to learn..

We never stop learning if our ear is tuned to the voice of God. He has new things to teach us and new insights to give us as we follow Him. Since I am a big picture person..God often teaches me through the larger story. He shows me where I am.. by reminding me of where I have been. A familiar feeling comes to the surface and I wonder ” what is God saying to me?”  He usually answers that question either late at night or early in the morning.

Suddenly I see..He wants me to understand where I am in my life story and what area of my heart He is healing. An old memory of a simliar time comes to mind and I remember the lesson I was learning back then.. often I am learning it again in a deeper way. He is moving into the deep areas of my heart helping me let go of unhealthy patterns..unhealthy people, and unhealthy relationships. He is renewing my mind and heart. Teaching me to trust Him in a deeper way.

He is the healer. His plan is to reveal all the ways the enemy of our soul keeps us in bondage. His desire is to free us from old wounds that drive our present behavior. He wants us to receive healing so we are able to make healthy choose and not be chosen. He wants to give us  boundaries to keep out those people who may want to use us to get their needs me. We are not going to change them or meet their needs..only God can do that and they must want His help.

Let’s set our sights on Him..asking Him for wisdom and discernment..for healthy boudaries..for freedom..choices..abundant life..healing..growth and emotional wholeness. Tune in to His voice today and hear what He is saying to you..wait on Him and trust Him.

” And I am certain that He who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished…”

2 thoughts on “Continuing to learn..

  1. This really speaks to me today. I’ve been thinking and praying about the lessons I feel like I keep repeating. But, perhaps instead of feeling down about repeating patterns, I can see that He is just peeling another layer of the onion, and drawing me closer to Him.
    Thank you!

  2. So glad you were able to see the reason for the repetition..yes He is peeling away layers..going down deeper..bringing His healing balm to your broken places.
    Blessings Cassandrah..

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