In the palm of His hand..

That’s where we are..being held by Him. It doesn’t always feel like that..we forget it..or maybe we don’t believe it. God could not be that focused on me..He is so big and there are so many of us..yes it is unbelievable. He is able to know each of us intimately and to remember the details of our lives is that possible? We will never truly is part of the mystery. He is infinite and we are finite.

He is our creator..provider..refuge..sanctuary..father..mother..friend…our safe place. There is so much that we cannot comprehend..God is not in a box..He is larger than our imaginations. We try so hard to interpret and understand reality we see “through a glass darkly.” The holiness of God..the trinity..His sovereignty..omniscence..providence..all of it is amazing and we must live in the tension of not fully comprehending our God.

He never promises us full understanding. He tells us to live a life of faith..based on believing what He tells us and knowing He is for us. Our human minds can be like a plague..always analyzing and trying to guess His next move. His ways are not our we really get that? We can make idols of our ideas and interpretations..He breaks through those to reveal Himself as different from any of these preconceived ideas.

One thing we can know is His is for us. We are His. We belong to Him. He loves us and He pours out His grace into our lives. He is sufficient. We are in the palm of His hand.

” See! I will not forget you… I have carved you on the palm of my hand.”

2 thoughts on “In the palm of His hand..

  1. You’re welcome.. I keep that verse on a card next to my bed as a reminder that He will never let me go.. We need that..don’t we?
    Blessings to you Sarah

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