Holding Cell

A place where prisoners are held..a very small room..with almost nothing in it. It is usually a temporary place..before the prisoner is released or transferred to a more permanent location. Waiting on God feels a bit like being in one of these places. There is often nothing to do..except wait. There may be no one in there with you. It is easy to imagine that the next place.. after this..will be worse than where you are now. Your future and your destiny are in the hands of a person you cannot see.

Our minds run in many directions while we wait. Has God forgotten? Is He angry? Why is this taking so long? Can I tunnel out of here and make an escape? There must be something I can do to shorten my stay in this place. In the end we realize there is no way out..we can’t control the length of time we wait. We can’t force God to move. We can only wait and be still. Not easy.. we can hear the clock ticking in the background.

His ways are not ours..His timing is nothing like ours. He is interested in what we do while we are waiting. He is reaching out to us in the waiting..asking us to remember Him and to trust Him. He is teaching us to see Him when He seems to be gone or busy with other people. He is stretching us and refining our character..none of this is comfortable. It is painful..lonely..we are isolated..alone and others may have no idea how long we have been waiting. Their lives seem to be moving along just fine..we don’t see the them when they are in their holding cells. Everyone ends up there sooner or later.

Start looking around. What can you do while you wait? Pray..read..seek..remember..ask..rest..listen..receive..write..create..play..enjoy..cry..live fully until the waiting is over.

“So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so He can show you His love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help”


2 thoughts on “Holding Cell

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Such a perfect post for me to read today. Only last night, in the wee hours, God showed me the very house I’m in is similar to a holding cell, a type of training ground, so to speak. “We can hear the clock ticking in the background” I love that phrase. So true.

  2. I was surprised when God gave me that picture..it sounds so grim..doesn’t it? Yet His purpose in keeping us there is for good and not for evil! He is training us to hear His voice and to wait on Him..to stay put until it is time to move!

    Thanks for the comment Sarah.. I appreciate your input.


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