Family Gatherings

This time of the year stirs up lots of things..including past relationships that may be challenging. Some families gather together and others don’t even try. Being part of a family does not guarantee we will have healthy relationships with everyone. In fact it is just the opposite. Most people have a least one fractured family realtionship..some of us have more.

It is natural for these things to come to the surface and cause us grief.

We entertain the ” if only thoughts”….if only everything was different..better..healed..normal..easier..ideal. It isn’t and it will never be. Families on earth are problematic. Relationships are messy. Nothing is even close to perfect.

We can still celebrate. We can rejoice in this season. We are children of the Living God. We belong to His family and He is perfect. With all the uncertainty in the world and the troublesome circumstances in our own lives..we still have our free will. Let’s choose to remember Him and focus on His gifts to us..what an opportunity to be grateful and thankful to our Great God!

” You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.”


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