Which page are you on?

I am referring to the story of your life. What title would you give to the current chapter? An interesting challenge isn’t it? What is God doing right now in your circumstances?

Are you experiencing sorrow..joy..weeping..rejoicing..laughter..remembering.? I can say with certainty that God is moving..pushing us forward..healing old wounds…preparing the soil of our hearts for new adventures and new challenges.

Take a good look at your current page. Examine your circumstances and look for clues that will tell you what He is up to. He wants you to know. He is excited that you are interested. His desire is that you receive all He has for you before the page turns and the new season begins.

Say good-bye to old grief and sad memories.. open yourself up to new possibilites..anticipate a future filled with surprises from Him. Now is the time to remember our God. He broke into history to change everything and He is still doing that. He wants to break into your life and make you part of a larger story that He is telling. We know the beginning and the end. We know that He has overcome death..that He came to set us free. We know that He is loving, forgiving and full of grace. Our God is with us!

I will bless my people and their homes around my holy hill. And in the proper season I will send the showers they need. There will be SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS!”

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