Reflecting again..

You may have noticed this theme repeated over the last few weeks. Remembering and reflecting are two ways that we can get in touch with ourselves and our history. We look back and allow memories to come to the surface..they may be from long ago.. or the more recent past. These are moments in time that teach us about ourselves.

We all have some memories from our childhood that are more vivid than others. They are important for one reason or another. An old memory can be a key that unlocks the present..a trigger for pain that needs to be processed and released. Current struggles are connected to these memories that stay with us throughout our lives. God wants to set us free and one way we can cooperate is to pursue understanding and spend time reflecting..allowing ourselves to go back and re-visit the memories that we try to forget.

The end of the year is a great time to do this. We can carve our time for ourselves and ask God to reveal things that need to be seen. It is a wonderful time to ask for insights that will enable us to grow and become more fully who He has created us to be. So much of our lives are taken up by the demands of life. We must be very intentional if we want to move closer to His heart and receive healing for ours. He has gifts for you during this of healing, restoration, renewal, redemption, and reconciliation.

” Trust in the Lord and do good..Commit everything you do to Him…Trust Him..Be still and wait patiently  for Him to act..Don’t worry..The Lord takes care of the godly.. He delights in every detail of their lives..Put your hope in the Lord.”

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