Emotional Stability

That is the goal for most of us.. and for some of us this is a huge challenge. We are wired to feel things deeply..to react emotionally to the challenges of life. What do we do with all these emotions? Did God make a mistake by giving them to us? No..He did not. He wants us to experience them.. to embrace them.. and to understand how they work.

We were created with feelings for a reason. God works through them and He reaches our hearts this way. Our problems begin when the feelings dominate and control us. Some of us react by trying to get rid of them..this does not work. We hope to bring get them under control through medication, alcohol,obsessive exercise, sexual relationships, shopping, over eating, starving ourselves or any other activity that turns into an addiction. It won’t work in the big picture..they will re-surface and we will have to deal with them.

Remember God gave us emotions..He wants us to have them. Without them we cannot choose anything that He has to offer us.  So how do we deal with them? There is no easy answer.. if they are really out of control.. get some help. Find someone to talk with and begin to dig deeply into the issues that may be triggering your present situation. If you have unresolved grief and loss your present feelings are tied to the past. They are trying to tell you something..they need attention.

If you have done this work and you are still struggling than remember that God wants us to learn to manage our emotions..to keep them from dominating our lives. We need to return to Him continually and confess our need for emotional stability..asking Him to guard our hearts. This is very helpful if you are longing for things that have not happened. He will help you keep the longing alive but at the same time to keep your balance so you are not desperate or overwhelmed.

God wants us to have emotional health. His desire is that we are emotionally, spiritually, and physically as whole as we can be. He knows the challenges we face in today’s world and He has not abandoned us. He is with us and He will meet us as we keep running into His arms.

Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart has heard you say, ” Come and talk with me.” My heart responds,  ” Lord I am coming.” …Don’t leave me now, don’t abandon me…the Lord will hold me close.

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