Small things..

God reminds us of His presence in small things. It happened to me today. A small situation that looked like a disaster turned out great.. God moved and things changed for the better. The key is recognizing these things as signs that He is involved in the details of our lives. It would be easy just to say ” it all worked out.” But that is not enough.. how did it work out? It worked out because our God is taking care of us.

Every time  I have a close call in traffic.. I think about God and His amazing protection. I want to be reminded that He is with me. I need to know this..don’t you? There are so many times when we wonder..where is God in all this? Is He even aware of our pain? We know in our heads that the answer is yes..but we need to know deep down in our hearts as well. His gentle reminders come in small ways.. His presence is revealed in the everyday activity of our lives.

Our God is working on our behalf. He is behind the scenes preparing things we cannot even imagine. His heart is for us..His eyes are on us. He is going to come through for unexpected ways that will surprise and delight you.

You are the apple of His eye.. He has you in the palm of His hand.. He is with you!

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