Happy Holidays?

The holiday season puts pressure on relationships. Some of these are fragile and ready to collapse. We see it more clearly at this time of the years. The culture is all wrapped up in activity and materialism. Some of us know this and we just want to experience a rich time with our family and friends.. easier said than done. Broken relationships still exist and may not be restored in time for Christmas. A challenging time of year.

Old grief also comes up easily at this time. Sweet memories of someone who is gone and will not be at our celebration this year.. or relief that someone is gone and the guilt that accompanies that emotion. A complicated time of the year for most of us. God uses all of this to get our attention.

He wants to trigger unresolved issues..not to torture us but to bring healing. He may want you to reconcile with someone..or He may want you to realize why you cannot do this. He does not want to add to your pain and guilt. His grace is there for you to help you through this season. His love for you is there to be the balm of Gilead on any unhealed wounds. His heart is filled with compassion for you and He is collecting every tear that you shed.

He is the God who knows both sorrow and joy. He is the author of the larger story that we live in and He knows the chapter that is now unfolding. Bring it all to Him and He will meet you with all that you need. He has you in the palm of His hand and He is restoring you as you trust Him.

“Weeping may last through the night..but joy comes in the morning.”

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