Keep looking for Him

God is working.. He is doing your life and in the lives of the people around you. Keep your eyes open and your senses tuned in. He is completing things.. finishing things that He started. His plans for you are unfolding and He is going to keep His promises. He is faithful in all ways..even when our faith fails..His is the same. Imagine that. We don’t play as big a role as we think. Our unbelief does not stop God.. but it does hurt us. We can lose hope and stop trying to do those things He has given us to do. We can sink into depression and discouragement and fail to take the next step.

This theme seems to appear frequently in my writing especially at this time of the year. The holiday season is always emotionally charged and it is easy to get overloaded. Our expectation of ourselves and others may escalate and we can sabotage what God has planned by not being aware of this. He wants to bless give us good gifts.. to pour out His spirit into the empty places in our bring hope and show us His grace in new and unexpected ways.

Sets your sights on the activity of God in this season. Turn from the distractions of the world and pray asking Him for what you need. Bring all your sadness and discouragement to our God and watch Him work on your behalf. You are not forgotten..His eye is on the sparrow..His love for you will be poured out abundantly as you look to Him.

“Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has visited and redeemed His people. He has sent us a mighty Savior from the royal line of David, just as He promised through His holy prophets long ago.”

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