Looking back..

Are you looking back on the last 10 years? There are only four weeks left in this year. Then we start 2011 and a new decade begins. Why look back? There is a very good reason. Looking back helps us realize how much has changed since 2000. For some of us life has changed dramatically and for others it has not changed enough. Either way.. reflecting on life is good. Remembering is good. Allowing God to give you a picture of your life is important.

In our busy culture..we must be intentional about stopping and taking inventory. What has happened? Where was God while it was happening? Where was I? Have you been living life and not savouring it? It all goes by so quickly. Turn around and your children are grown up. Blink an eye and your grandchildren are growing up. Let’s agree to stop and be thankful. Let’s take time to remember the goodness of God.

Instead of rushing through the next four weeks..going from one activity to another..why not carve out time to sit and write in a journal..read a good book..have a cup of Christmas tea..share a rich conversation with a friend..paint a picture..listen to Christmas carols..pet the cat..take pictures of grandchildren..decorate your home.. cook a great meal..walk in nature..sit beside a fire or anything else that brings you pleasure. Rest..relax..be restored as this decade ends.

The next ten years are sure to be full of new challenges and surprises. There will be unexpected trials and blessings. Let’s leave this one behind rejoicing and remembering..let’s allow our God to touch our hearts and fill us to overflowing. He is with us.. Immanuel.

” The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel..which means God is with us!”

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