One another..

God challenges us to love one another. Is it possible? Not without His grace and understanding. People will wound us..mistreat us.. and misunderstand us. What are we supposed to do with that? A very difficult question to answer. We know about forgiveness and the need to deal with anger and bitterness. We realize that it is unhealthy to hang on to those things that breed unforgiveness and alienate us from the same time it is also unhealthy to stuff our emotions.

We have to grapple with getting hurt and understanding the person who has inflicted the wound. This is the path to forgiveness..but it is not an easy one. Our nature is to lash out or withdraw when we are hurt. God’s way is different. He wants us to examine the situation and face the pain. He will give us understanding if we ask and enable us to let go of the emotions that will only cause more pain over time.  Truly loving one another is a the greatest challenge there is. The temptation is to pull away and protect our hearts so they can never be hurt again.

We can’t choose that road if we are going to fulfill the purposes that God has for us. His purposes always include other people. His plans for us involve ministering in some way to those around us. His desire is to use us and our wounds to bring compassion and understanding to others. There will be pain..discouragment, and challenges as we walk this road. Our hope is in Him. We need to turn to Him again and again..asking for healing and comfort..He will be there for us. He is the only one who will never hurt or fail us. He will not disappoint us. People are only people.. He is God.. the creator of the universe.. the one who knows us and the one who made us.

” I have loved you, my people with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”

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