Love Letter

The book that we read to learn about our God is a love letter..yes that is the Bible. Often we read it as though it were an instruction manual..a set of dos and don’ts. That was never God’s intention. The stories in the Bible are there to reveal God’s character to help us understand history and to give us glimpses into our future. Some of the stories are difficult to understand..we don’t have the mind of God. Many of them are incredibly encouraging if we take them into our hearts.

The Old Testament and  the New go together..hand in hand. One pointing to another..history unfolding. There are stories filled with many emotional moments..great loss, devastation, and sorrow. There are moments of triumph and unbelievable opportunity. The psalms are filled with emotional transparency..the psalmist crying out to God and remembering His faithfulness at the same time. It is a rich book filled with examples of God’s unending love for His people. He wants us to know Him.. His character..His heart.. His emotions ( yes! God has them) He is drawing near to us through these writings.

Some of it is mysterious and some of it difficult to comprehend..but someday He will unveil it for us. In the meantime.. in this life..allow this to sink in. He loves you deeply and He wants you to receive from Him. His heart is for you and you are not forgotten. He is the source of your next breath and your next step. He understands you like no one else..He is for you.

From the prophet Isaiah ” I would not forget you! See I have written your name on the palms of my hands.”

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