The season is changing..

We are in the last season of 2010. God is preparing us for new things that He wants to do with us and in us. It is a great time to take inventory..what are you saying to me Lord? For me the word is “contentment.” Living fully in the present..enjoying this season..enjoying people..savouring the blessings that He has provided. Not worrying about the future..not being anxious..seeing the glass half full.

We can always find things to dwell or on or things to obsess about..but that time is wasted. Today has surprises and delights..things provided by God to encourage our hearts. I can only see those things clearly when I am grateful and my vision is not clouded by my own unfulfilled desires. God can be trusted to hold those desires close to His heart and in His time He will act.

Let’s agree to be grateful during this season. To appreciate our freedom and the riches we have in Him. Let’s look at all that He has done and remember His goodness. We have the privilege of being in relationship with the God of the universe..the one who set the heavens in place and created every beautiful thing in creation. He call us His own.

“The Lord is my Shepherd.. I have all that I need.”

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