Lifting Weights

I have been doing this..on a small-scale and really enjoying the benefits. But this post is not about weight is about God lifting the weight off our shoulders. We carry weight that we are not designed to carry. The cares of this world and the burdens for others weigh us down.. drain our energy..we become depleted. God has been showing me this pattern in my own life. We may believe that we are responsible for others in an unhealthy way. Our motives are good but the truth is we are not designed to carry burdens that crush us.

As believers we may confuse our desire to see others live the abundant life with our role in their lives. We can pray..wait on God..speak (if He opens the door) the Lord to be working behind the scenes in their lives. We are not the Holy Spirit..we cannot change people..or force them to see the error of their ways. Our desire to help them may actually hinder the work of God in their lives. Many times in my life I have heard God say.. “get out of the way, I am working and this is between me and that other person.. the one you care so much about.”

It all sounds like another way of saying ” let go and let God.” This is a valuable concept for us to embrace. God is able to do much more than we can ever ask or imagine. He pursues those whose hearts are focused on the things of this world. His spirit is actively revealing itself in their lives. His love for the lost is unending. He does not need our help. His ways are not ours..His plan is very different from the one that we dream about or imagine. He is mysterious and we cannot understand Him with our finite minds.

Most of all.. He is faithful.. He is grace-filled..His love is amazing and He will accomplish everything that He intends to accomplish. Our part? Trust Him.

“I pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe Him.”

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