Today would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday if he were still alive. He died about three years ago. I miss him. There are days when I would give anything to pick up the phone and just hear his voice again. My longing to see him and talk with him is something that God has given me. I don’t want to forget him and God doesn’t want me to. We are designed to long for things..to desire..to want. Our longing can either be an enemy or a friend. Our longing is a gift.

If we fight the urge to desire or want.. our hearts become dried up.. our spirits wither..our lives seem dull and meaningless. We were created for desire.. without it we would not be in relationship with God. We have to want more..to long for meaning..to desire truth or we will never seek Him. He is always seeking us..our desire brings us to the place where He can find us and begin to fulfill the longings..the very ones that He placed in our hearts.

Isn’t it strange that we try to kill our own hearts? We believe it is wrong to want things we don’t have. We find fault with ourselves when we have desires that are unfulfilled. Aren’t we supposed to be content? Yes. Being content and desiring good things that God has for us are not incompatible. We live in a strange tension where we rejoice in our lives as they are right now and at the same time desire to live more fully. God understands all this..it is a mystery to us.

So today.. I am longing to see Dad. Someday I will. It helps me long for the day when I will go where he is..to be more prepared for my eternal destiny. I look forward to being reunited with him..but I love living here in this amazing world waiting on God for all the new things that He has in store for me.

“Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will seee everything with perfect clarity. All I know now is partial and incomplete, but I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.”


2 thoughts on “Longing

  1. Hey, when we walked today I hadn’t read this yet and didn’t realize it was your dad’s birthday. I hope your thoughts about him today bring you joy rather than sadness. Enjoy the grandkids too!! Love you!

  2. Thanks Merrill.. I have very sweet thoughts of him. He was a wonderful man. It was great seeing you this morning.
    Looking forward to next week.

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