Living in the present..

It is not as easy as it sounds. The past tends to catch up with us..fears about the future come at us from the other direction. How do we do it? All of us really want to live fully. No one wants to miss their life by looking backward or worrying about what is to come. There is no answer that fits every situation. We can’t look at someone else’s life and find the way. We each have our own journey..but there are keys that will help us live freely right now.

Working to resolve the past is very important. When memories surface they are trying to get your attention. Their message is..” look at me and accept what has happened..don’t be afraid.” God allows this so we will not be plagued by buried emotions. He wants us to face our lives..our past..our mistakes..our disappointments..our pain. Not to torture us.. but to heal us. His desire is to see us embrace the past so we are able to put it behind move forward without dragging along excess baggage. All emotions that are buried..are buried alive. Does that mean we need to wallow in them? No..but it does mean we need to feel them when they surface and grieve our losses.

Remembering and crying are all part of this cleansing process. Sometimes the crying is almost like wailing..crying deeply and strongly. It can be scary..but it is not going to last forever. After a season of will walk in a new level of freedom. Your heart will be lighter and joy will return. Our God is the healer. He works deeply in us so that we are able to enjoy His blessings. His healing touch goes to the center of our being. He is restoring us and renewing us emotionally and spiritually. His touch does not brings us closer to His heart and His purposes for our lives.

As for the future..when the past is resolved the future looks better than ever. Everything is connected. Past memories bind us up and cause us to fear the future. Deep healing sets us free and gives us hope that new things can happen. Our hearts are is easier to enjoy our lives and to believe that He has good things for us.

” Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

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