What is missing?

The news of a another teenager in our area committing suicide brings up many questions. What happened? How did she get to that point without someone knowing her desperation? How many others are entertaining similar thoughts right now that may lead them down the same path? I have more questions than answers. We seem to have lost something very important in our busy activity-driven culture. Maybe something as simple as sitting down and talking..taking the time to really listen when someone else is hurting. Life is difficult in the 21st century..we live in complex times..there are no easy answers.

Our lives can easily be consumed by activities that seem essential to living. We move quickly making sure we do as much as possible during our waking hours. Are we missing the point when we live this way? Will we feel fulfilled at the end of our lives when we look back and see what we accomplished? Does it really matter how much we have done? It is all empty if we have neglected the most important things of all.. our God and other people. Developing our relationship with Him and caring for others..nothing is more critical.

If we believe in these priorities, we will make time for them ..we will grow and change..our character will be more like His. So many people live meaningless lives..wondering why they are here. Looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. What can we do for them? Live fully in a way that pleases God. Put Him first and give from the overflow to those around us. If we slow down and make room for opportunities to listen..God will bring us the people who need to talk. He wants to use us to reach the brokenhearted before it is too late.

” The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

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