Are your ducks in a row?

A good friend always told me that I liked my ducks in a row..when I first heard her say that, I wondered if it was true. Now I know that it is. When I use that expression these days I picture myself trying to line up a bunch of ducks that are running wildly in all exercise in futility. There is no way those ducks are going to form a straight line and stay that way. Life with God is not a straight line either. Some days I feel like the ducks..running wildly in all directions wondering what is next.

Somewhere I bought into the idea that my life would make sense. One thing would follow another and everything would be in order. No way.. that is not the way life is unfolding. It is far more unpredictable and full of unexpected twists and turns than I ever imagined. When I ask myself why this is true the only answer that makes sense is the one that focuses on the sovereignty of God. Since life can move in any direction without our permission we need to know that someone is in control and it is obviously not us.

Knowing that God has a plan definitely adds a new dimension. He is the one who knows the bigger picture and He is able to see the course of our lives from beginning to end. His view is nothing like ours. We can become consumed with our own small stories..forgetting that something much bigger is happening..something beyond our daily experiences and struggles. God is doing a great work in us and around us. He is working out His redeeming work in our lives. He is teaching us to look beyond our circumstances and believe that in the Kingdom of God all is well. He is in control and nothing can prevent Him from unfolding His plan..nothing and no one.

“I am God, there is none like me. Only I can tell the future before it happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.”

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